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Vegova – Upper Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technical Gymnasium Ljubljana

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New Horizons in the Technical Education Tradition

The Upper Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technical Gymnasium Ljubljana (henceforth Vegova) is rooted in a rich tradition, since it was founded in 1851/52 as the first real school (K. k. Unter-Realschule in Laibach) in the Slovenian territory to feature German as the language of instruction.

Upon its opening ceremony, the first headmaster, Mihael Peternel, put into writing the vision of the school: “It will be the task of this newly opened school to discover talent in the technical area and pave the way for its further improvement at technical institutes.” (Prevc  2010: 23) This vision has remained unchanged for 165 years. New forms and methods of work, the development of crucial and professional competences, co-operative teaching and learning, connecting the theory and practical experience in vocational modules, particular care for students through tutorship and co-classteachership can improve the motivation of the students and change their attitude towards work, scholastic achievements, and personal development. The lofty goals of the school are achievable through close co-operation with all parties involved with technical education in Slovenia: institutions (The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, The National Education Institute Slovenia), the universities, and representatives of the economy (The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia , The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, as well as individual companies).

Why Attend Vegova?

The 4-year educational programs

  • the technical gymnasium program
  • the electrical engineering program
  • the computer engineering program

ensure that the school remains at the centre of progress, not only in the Slovenian, but also in the international area.

The characteristics and particularities of the educational programs

Excellent preparations for continued studies at selected faculties

(especially in natural science and technical science programs at higher education and university levels)

Innovative learning environments

We co-operate with companies and universities for the purpose of developing research activity, crucial and professional competences through practical training, mentorships for students, the research practicum, as well as interdisciplinary connections both within the school and with other institutions.

Innovativeness in teaching – new approaches in teaching

Co-operative teaching alongside a foreign co-teacher in vocational modules, school subjects from the electrical and computer engineering curricula, the astronomy course, the entrepreneurship basics course, and foreign language classes.

Participation in international projects

We are involved in several exchange programs aimed at teachers and students, from inviting foreign teachers to the placement of our students in scholastic exchange, practical training with domestic and foreign companies, their placement in partner schools, and enabling student exchange.

New elective subjects and courses

Astronomy and entrepreneurship basics

Co-classteachership in the Upper Secondary School programs

Co-classteachership facilitates the development of students’ crucial and professional competences, and improves the chances for progress and career orientation.


Particular care of the technical gymnasium staff is placed on students’ personal development, the development of crucial lifelong competences, their motivation for professions in natural and technical sciences, research activity, and career orientation.

Educational programs

Technical Gymnasium


  • the program concludes with the general Matura exam and prepares students for all further study options,
  • emphasis is put on subjects from the natural and technical sciences curriculum (electrical engineering, computer engineering, astronomy),
  • the program includes interdisciplinary research and a research practicum in companies and at universities under the guidance of mentors from these institutions.


  • the tutorship ensures special care of the tutoring teachers for students’ personal development and professional advancement (research activity, career orientation),
  • new elective subjects and courses (astronomy, entrepreneurship basics),
  • co-operative teaching of a foreign language for specific purpose in the areas of electrical engineering, computer engineering, astronomy, and entrepreneurship basics by involving a foreign co-teacher (a native speaker) in foreign language classes and in subjects mentioned above,
  • acquaintance and sport camps, science and sport camps, international exchanges, international placement with companies, flexible elective courses (international excursions).

Electrical engineering

Vocational orientations

Electrical systems technician

  • designs and performs measurements,
  • builds, installs, repairs, and maintains circuit board, electrical devices, portable media and signal transfer systems, computers, and networks,
  • designs and constructs computer networks, and audio systems, assembles, installs, and uses controllers, and performs maintenance on mechanical equipment.

Automated systems technician

  • constructs and programs pneumatic and hydraulic control systems,
  • understands sensor and actuator functions, and assembles simple regulation systems,
  • designs and performs measurements in industrial processes,
  • designs and programs microprocessor circuit board.

Electrical power technician

  • designs simple electrical installation networks, control desks, switchgears, and switchboards,
  • monitors and controls electricity installations,
  • monitors and performs measurements in electrical power networks,
  • installs and performs maintenance on electrical power devices.

Computer engineering

Vocational orientations

Communication systems operator

  • prepares suitable hardware and software tools,
  • performs administrative tasks on computer networks and ensures the functionality of communication hardware and software,
  • performs administrative tasks on videoconference systems, and performs security measures in communication systems.

Algorithm coder

  • prepares suitable software and hardware equipment,
  • implements solutions in the programming language,
  • performs administrative tasks on a database and uses selected data, tests programming solutions, and maintains software and documentation.

Information systems operator

  • prepares suitable hardware and software tools, and ensures hardware and software functionality,
  • performs security measures in information systems,
  • implements password policy, ensures continuous performance, and maintains information equipment.

Webpage designer

  • designs and develops webpages,
  • prepares project documentation,
  • offers advice to clients and finds suitable technical solutions.

Activities and accomplishments of students


  • the Days of Electrical and Computer Engineering event, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the reestablishment of the technical gymnasium, in association with the University of Ljubljana,
  • co-operation with elementary schools during technical and natural science-themed excursions,
  • summer schools,
  • the festival Videomanija for young filmmakers,
  • co-operation with companies, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and foreign embassies,
  • school day – workshops in astronomy, research activity, and natural sciences for visiting elementary school students


  • our students excel at competitions in various fields on both the national and the international level,
  • they have also achieved good average scores on the vocational and the general Matura exams.